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Special Colors and VIP Aircraft

Special Colors

All Nippon had "777" painted on the tail instead of "ANA" on the first three 777s they got delivered. These have been repainted into regular colors.     
wpe1.jpg (20296 bytes)
JA8199 at Tokyo-Haneda 10Sep97

All Nippon's first two 777-300s have wide ribbons on the side of the fuselage.

 wpe1.jpg (21559 bytes)
JA751A at Tokyo-Haneda 14Jun01

Singapore Airlines had their first 777 painted in a 50th Anniversary Juiblee livery. This plane has now been repainted into regular colors.

wpe2.jpg (19994 bytes)
9V-SQA at Singapore 26Mar98

Continental Airlines had a plane painted in special colors designed by Peter Max. This is to commemorate New York City's 1999 New Year's celebration. This has now been repainted into regular colors.

 wpe1.jpg (27409 bytes)
N77014 at Newark Jan00. Photo by Adrian Smith.

Delta Air Lines had 777 painted in Soaring Spirit colors to promote the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. This has now been repainted into the new Delta colors.

wpe1.jpg (37014 bytes)

N864DA at Atlanta 13Mar00. Photo by Michael Jeweler.

ANA has two 777-200s and one 777-300/ER in Star Alliance colors

NHstar.jpg (85966 bytes)
JA711 at Tokyo-Haneda 20Nov04. Photo by Yasunari Inamori.

United Airlines has one 777-200/ER on Star Alliance colors

N218UA2.jpg (107620 bytes)

N218UA at Shanghai-Pudong 5 June 2005. Photo by Alex Pan.


Singapore Airlines has one 777-200/ER and one 777-300 in Star Alliance colors

9V-SRE2.jpg (66087 bytes)

9V-SRE at Kuala Lumpur-Sepang 13 July 2005. Photo by M Razi Desa.

Singapore Airlines also has this 777-300 in Star Alliance colors.

Boeing 777-312 aircraft picture

9V-SYE at Bangkok 25Dec07. Photo by TEK.

EgyptAir has this 777-200/ER in Star Alliance colors

Boeing 777-266/ER aircraft picture

SU-GBR at London-Heathrow 3Jan09. Photo by Terry Wade.

Boeing 777-224/ER aircraft picture

N78017 at Tel Aviv 6Dec09. Photo by Siegi N. N76021 and N77022 are also in Star Alliance colors.

Japan Airlines had two 777-200s in a special livery

JA771J.jpg (45455 bytes)

JA771J at Tokyo-Haneda 7Aug05. Photo by Toki.

EVA Air's first three 777s have a special livery with ribbons on the fuselage.

BR773.jpg (53950 bytes)

B-16701 at Bangkok 17Aug05. Photo by Poonwin Bunyavejchewin.

Malaysia Airlines has a 777 in a special livery. This has now been repainted into regular colors.

9M-MRD.jpg (365127 bytes)

9M-MRD at Kuala Lumpur 15Nov05. Photo by Raymond Ngu.

China Southern Airlines had special Camry stickers on one aircraft. These stickers have since come off.

Boeing 777-21B aircraft picture

B-2051 at Beijing 12Sep06. Photo by Weimeng.

Japan Airlines has this 777-200/ER to promote the oneworld alliance.

Boeing 777-246/ER aircraft picture

JA704J at Beijing 1Jul07. Photo By Bastian Ding.

Japan Airlines has this special livery for a to promote a Japanese pop band.

Boeing 777-246 aircraft picture

JA8983 at Tokyo-Haneda 4Jun11. Photo by Kaoru Kojima.

Japan Airlines had this special livery for the 2008 Olympics featuring Japanese athletes.

Boeing 777-346 aircraft picture

 JA8945 at Tokyo-Haneda 2Jun08. Photo by Dana Low.

Japan Airlines has painted aircraft to promote a greener enviroment. It's called Sky Eco.

JA8984 at Osaka-Itami 4Oct08. Photo by Yunjin Lee.

Japan Airlines has applied extra titles and a logo on JA8984, "Cop 10 Mop5"

JA8984 at Fukuoka 22Aug10. Photo by Junichi Suzuki.

Japan Airlines has painted an aircraft with Kobukuro markings to promote the duo's Calling live tour.

Boeing 777-346 aircraft picture

JA8941 at Tokyo-Haneda 4Aug09. Photo by Kaoru Kojima. 

Japan Airlines has repainted JA8941 into Doraemon Jet. Doreamon is Japanese cartoon characters.

JA8941 at Tokyo-Narita. Photo by Junichi Suzuki.

Turkish Airlines has applied "Official Partner Of Manchester United" titles on one of their aircraft

TC-JJC at Tokyo-Nartita 17Jul10. Photo by Junichi Suzuki.

Cathay Pacific has a 777-300/ER in these "Asia's World City"-colors.

Boeing 777-367/ER aircraft picture

B-KPF at Hong Kong 21Feb08. Photo by M Radzi Desa.

British Airways still has planes with world images on the tail. I don't consider them special colors since there are more than one plane with the same image and also on other types of aircraft.

Look for more pictures of Boeing 777s on

American Airlines has 777 with a pink ribbon to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Boeing 777-223/ER aircraft picture
N759AN at London-Heathrow 20Feb09. Photo by Terry Wade.

Air China has a livery called "Phoenix Liner"

Boeing 777-2J6 aircraft picture

B-2059 at Beijing 22Jan09. Photo by Wongwei.

Air China's red "Phoenix Liner"

Boeing 777-2J6 aircraft picture

B-2060 at Beijing 27Apr09. Photo by Weimeng.


American Airlines has a 777 in oneworld livery

Boeing 777-223/ER aircraft picture

N791AN at London-Heathrow May09. Photo by A J Best.

Boeing 777-246 aircraft picture

JA771J at Osaka-Itami 29Nov09. Photo by Junichi Suziki.

B-KPL at Hong Kong 10Jan10. Photo by Junichi Suzuki.

SkyTeam has also some 777s from different carriers in SkyTeam colors.

Here is the KLM version.

Boeing 777-306/ER aircraft picture

PH-BVD at Kuala Lumpur-Sepang 2Sep09. Photo by Walter Sim.

Here is China Southern's SkyTeam airplane.

Boeing 777-21B/ER aircraft picture

B-2056 at Amsterdam 6Aug09. Photo by Holger Frank.

Air France's version

F-GZNE at Tokyo-Narita Nov09. Photo by Junichi Suzuki.

Here's the version of Korean Air

HL7733 at Tokyo-Narita 20Dec09. Photo by Junichi Suzuki.

Air Canada had a 777 in special colors to promote the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. This has now been repainted into regular colors.

Boeing 777-333/ER aircraft picture

C-FIVS at Vancouver 18Jul09. Photo by Gordon Tan.

ANA has a 777 in new Pokemon colors.

Boeing 777-381 aircraft picture

JA764A at Tolyo-Haneda 29Oct11. Photo by Kazuchika Naya.


Vip Aircraft

Two VIP-configured 777s were delivered to Mid East Jet and to Saudi Oger. The Saudi Oger one was recently sold to Abu Dhabi Amiri flight and re-registered and repainted.

Any more info on these aircraft/operators would be greatly appriciated.

Mid East Jet

N777AS 777-24Q/ER GE del 24Nov98

Mid East Jet operates VIP flights under contract and are based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. They finally put their 777 in service towards the end of September 2003.

N777AS at Los Angeles 13Dec07.

Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight

Abu Dhabi Amiri flight has several large VIP configured aircraft and now including one 777, formerly with Saudi Oger. They fly the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi to various places. They recently purchased a 777-300/ER originally scheduled for delivery to Jet Airways. That aircraft will need to be outfitted with a VIP interior and be repainted in Abu Dhabi Amiri colors.

Boeing 777-2AN/ER aircraft picture
A6-ALN at London-Heathrow 20Jul09. Photo by A J Best.

Saudi Oger

VP-BRH 777-2AN/ER GE del 22Oct99 sold Jun09

Saudi Oger is a construction company based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and owned by Rafic Hariri who is also the Prime Minister of Lebanon. It's technically the company airplane of Saudi Oger but more likely functions as a private plane for Mr Hariri. Mr Hariri also owns a 727-200 and a 737-800 (BBJ2). The registration is the initials of his son; Baha Rafic Hariri. This aircraft was recently sold to Abu Dhabi Amiri flight and repainted into Abu Dhabi Amiri colors.


VP-BRH at Washington - IAD 1Apr07.

Turkmenistan Airlines (T5)

Turkmenistan Airlines took delivery of a 777-22K/LR aircraft. It's operated for the Turkmenistan government. Aircraft is in full Turmkenistan Airlines colors.


Government of Equatorial Guinea

Government of Equatorial Guinea now have a 777-2FB/LR. It will be operated by Ceiba Intercontinental.

3C-LLS at Portland, Oregon 31May11. Photo by Russell Hill

Aviation Link

VP-CAL is a private aircraft currently being outfitted in Basle (BSL). It will be operated by Aviation Link which is a company based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 

VP-CAL at Portland, OR 30Aug10. Photo by Russell Hill.

Afrijet Airlines Business Service (6F)

Afrijet operates a 777-236 for the Government of Gabon and flies it in a VIP configuration.

Previous Operators of The Boeing 777

V Australia (VA)

5 777-3ZG/ER

VH-VOZ L/N 745

VH-VPD L/N 756

VH-VPE L/N 764

VH-VPF L/N 801

VH-VPH L/N 898

Seating configuration 

J33 (2-3-2) W40 (2-4-2) Y288 (3-3-3)

Personal TV at every seat with telephone, Airshow map and videogames.

VA flew their 777s to : BNE, MEL, SYD, AUH, HKT, NAN. JNB and LAX

VH-VOZ at Los Angeles 9Feb11.

Continental Airlines (CO)

22 777-224/ER

N78001 L/N 161

N78003 L/N 165

N78003 L/N 167

N78004 L/N 169

N78005 L/N 177

N77006 L/N 183

N74007 L/N 197

N78008 L/N 200

N78009 L/N 211

76010 L/N  220

N79011 L/N 227

N77012 L/N 234

N78013 L/N 243

N77014 L/N 253

N27015 L/N 273

N57016 L/N 279

N77017 L/N 391

N39018 L/N 397

N77019 L/N 617

N89020 L/N 625

N76021 L/N 858

N77022 L/N 868

Seat configuration:

J48 (2-2-2) Y235 (3-3-3) 777-224/ER

Personal TV at every seat with telephone, videogames and Airshow map.

CO flew their 777s to: IAH, EWR, NRT, HKG, DEL, BOM, PVG, PEK, TLV, FRA, LHR, LGW and IAH

CO777new2.jpg (2468692 bytes)

N78004 at Los Angeles Feb99

Gulf Air (GF)

4 777-35R/ER leased from Jet Airways (9W)

VT-JEG L/N 675

VT-JEH L/N 678

VT-JEJ L/N 693

VT-JEK L/N 696

Seat configuration:

F8 (1-2-1)  J30 (1-2-1) Y274 (3-3-3)

Personal TV at every seat with telephone, videogames and Airshow map.

GF flew their 777s to: BAH, LHR, HKG, DXB

Boeing 777-35R/ER aircraft picture

VT-JEG at London-Heathrow 16Mar09. Photo by Allan Huse


Varig Brasil (RG)
2 777-2Q8/ER
2 777-236
2 777-222/ER
2 777-222

PP-VRA delivered 2Nov01 L/N 365
PP-VRB delivered 19Nov01 L/N 373
PP-VRC delivered 7Apr04 L/N 17
PP-VRD delivered 27Feb04 L/N 19
PP-VRE delivered 9Nov04 L/N 232
PP-VRF delivered 8Dec04 L/N 254
PP-VRI delivered 11Feb05 L/N 9
PP-VRJ delivered 8Apr05 L/N 13

PP-VRA and VRB were delivered new from Boeing; VRC and VRD were previously used by Khalifa Airways (K6) and British Airways (BA); VRE, VRF, VRI and VRJ were all previously opertated by United Airlines (UA). All 777s returned due to financial difficulties for Varig Brasil (RG).

Seat configurations:
F12 (1-2-1) C49 (2-3-2) Y232 (3-3-3) PP-VRA/B
F22 (1-2-1) C70 (3-3-3) Y148 (3-3-3) PP-VRC/D
F12 (1-2-1) C49 (2-3-2) Y215 (2-5-2) PP-VRE/F
F12 (1-2-1) C49 (2-3-2) Y197 (2-5-2) PP-VRI/J

Personal TV at every seat with telephone, videogames and Airshow map; also wireless internet on PP-VTRA and PP-VRB

RG flew their 777s to: GRU, GIG, POA, BSB, MAO, EZE, SCL, LIS, MAD, CDG, AMS, LHR, FRA, CPH, MXP, MEX, CUN, JFK, and MIA

PP-VRA at Porto Alegre 13Nov01. Photo by Renato Salzinger

Lauda Air (NG)
3 777-2Z9/ER

OE-LPA delivered 24Sep97 L/N 87
OE-LPB delivered 28Sep98 L/N 163
OE-LPC delivered 28Mar03 L/N 386

All three were delivered new from Boeing and transferred to parent Austrian Airlines who still operates all three

Seat configuration:
C42 (2-3-2) Y303 (3-3-3, 3-4-3)

Personal TV at every seat with telephone, videogames, gambling, newswire service, Airshow map and outside camera.

NG flew their 777s to: VIE, KUL, SYD, MEL, SIN, BKK and DPS

OE-LPA at Kuala Lumpur-Subang 28Mar98.

Aeroflot Russian Airlines (SU)
2 777-2Q8/ER

VP-BAS delivered 17Jun98 L/N 135
VP-BAU delivered 2Oct98 L/N 164

Both were delivered new directly from Boeing and leased from ILFC. Both were returned to ILFC and are flying for Vietnam Airlines (VN)

Seat configuration:
F12 (2-2-2) C43 (2-3-2) Y240 (2-5-2)

Overhead TV with Airshow map.

SU flew their 777s to: SVO, DEL, PEK, NRT, JFK, SFO, SEA, MUC and LHR

SU777new.jpg (2468694 bytes)

VP-BAS at New York-Kennedy 17Jul98.


Japan Air System - JAS (JD)

7 777-289

JA8977 delivered 3Dec96 L/N 45
JA8978 delivered 26Jun97 L/N 79
JA8979 delivered 26Nov97 L/N 107
JA007D delivered 27Apr98 L/N 134
JA008D delivered 23Jun98 L/N 146
JA009D delivered 2Sep98 L/N 159
JA010D delivered 13May99 L/N 213

All were delivered new directly from Boeing. Japan Air System was purchased by JAL - Japan Air Lines (JL)and merged into that airline effective 1Apr04. Most of the aircraft are still in JD colors will be repainted in due course.

Seat Configuration:
F12 (2-2-2) C38 (2-4-2) Y330 (2-5-2)

Personal TV at every seat with Airshow map and outside camera.

JD flew their 777s to: HND, FUK, CTS and ITM

JD777new2.jpg (2450644 bytes)
JA008D at Tokyo-Haneda 14Jun01.

AirEurope (PE)
2 777-2Q8/ER

EI-CRS delivered 16Jul99 L/N 229
EI-CRT delivered 17Oct99 L/N 246

Both were leased from ILFC and are now with Air Austral. Most flights were charter flights but they also flew the 777s on scheduled flights, mainly from MXP and FCO to MRU, MLE, CMB and HAV.

Seat Configuration:
C42 (2-3-2) Y297 (3-3-3)

Overhead TV in Economy class with outside camera; Personal TV in Business class with Airshow map.

PE flew their 777s to: MXP, FCO, HAV, HOG, CYO, SCU, PUJ, POP, MBA, MLE, MRU, SDJ, KIX, CUN and HKT

PE777new2.jpg (2468692 bytes)
 EI-CRS at Rome-Fiumicino  19Oct01.

Airlines that took delivery of Boeing 777s but never had them in service:

Khalifa Airways (K6)

2 777-236

7T-VKP delivered 10Jan03 L/N

7T-VKQ delivered 17Jan03 L/N

Khalifa Airways (K6) took delivery of two 777-236, 7T-VKP and 7T-VKQ, but never flew them on scheduled passenger flights.

They had the aircraft in this configuration:
F22 (2-2-2) C70 (2-3-2) Y149 (3-3-3)

Personal TVs at every seat with telephone, airshow and videogames.

wpe2.jpg (37028 bytes)

7T-VKQ at Frankfurt 26Feb03. Photo by Ulrich F. Hoppe.

Previous Paintschemes on Boeing 777s

Airlines change their colorscheme every now and then. British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Japan Airlines and United Airlines have changed their liveries since they first took delivery of their 777s. PIA - Pakistan International Airlines changed their livery of their 777 before they took delivery of it. Emirates has made the titles bigger altough the livery is otherwise the same. All Nippon Airways changed their titles to just ANA.

 wpe1.jpg (17181 bytes)
G-ZZZD at New York-Kennedy 26Oct97

 wpe3.jpg (18702 bytes)
N861DA at Orlando 9May99

JL777old1.jpg (2033558 bytes)
JA8984 at Tokyo-Haneda 14Jun01

EK777new.jpg (2523516 bytes)
A6-EMF at Bangkok 6Sep97

N793UA at Washington-Dulles 15Aug10.

PK777.jpg (2304054 bytes)

AP-BGJ at Paine Field, WA 14Jan04. Photo by Alan Ling.

AIC_AIK_FRA_030405_02.jpg (572184 bytes)

VT-AIK at Frankfurt 3Apr05. Photo by Michael Schmidt.

OZ777new.jpg (2230284 bytes)

HL7596 at Seattle 15Aug01

DL777new.jpg (2495764 bytes)

N863DA at Los Angeles 28Mar00

TG777new2.jpg (1979598 bytes)

HS-TJD at Tokyo-Narita 21Feb04.

KQ7772.jpg (2165814 bytes)

5Y-KQU at London-Heathrow 22May04. Photo by Dennis Lau.

N745am.jpg (115009 bytes)

N745AM at Paine Field 4Mar06. Photo by Matt Cawby.

Alitalia (AZ) revised therir livery slightly

AZ777new.jpg (2275124 bytes)

I-DISD at Tokyo-Narita 22Feb04.

PK777new.jpg (1796394 bytes)

AP-BGJ at London-Heathrow 2Mar04. Photo by Terry Wade.

MS777new.jpg (2495764 bytes)

SU-GBP at Los Angeles 24Jul99.

N794UA at Los Angeles 30May11.

N741J at Los Angeles 20Feb11.

VH-VOZ at Los Angeles 9Feb11