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This is a website with information on the Boeing 777 fleet. I hope that the information is interesting and enlightning.  More technical information can be found on The Boeing Company's homepage or on other sites. Please see the links section. All pictures taken by and scanned by me, Lars Victorin, unless noted. Pictures not taken by me appear courtesey of the photographer.  Please feel free to drop me a line at LARSVICTORIN@MSN.COM

This site is in no way affiliated with The Boeing Company who manufactures the Boeing 777.



Airlines page; SU VP-BGD, EK A6-EFK and A6-ENI  delivered

Production List page; SU VP-BGD, EK A6-EFK and A6-ENI delivered

Statistics and Codes page; SU VP-BGD, EK A6-EFK and A6-ENI delivered


Boeing 777 prototype N7771 at Paine Field 26Jun98


Cathay Pacific Airways (CX) cancels order for 8 777/F but Air China (CA) picks up the same number of 77Fs [19Mar13]

Swiss International Air Lines (LX) orders 6 777-300/ER. First delivery in 2016[ 19Mar13]

American Airlines orders two more 777-300/ER and converts remaining 777-200/ER to -300/ER. 777-300/ER orders for AA now at 20 with 5 delivered[19Mar13]

ALC orders 10 777-300/ER [19Mar13]

American Airlines (AA) and USAirways (US) to merge to form American Airlines (AA). No impact on 777 orders expected [23Feb13]

One 777-300/ER now identified as for American Airlines (AA) [23Feb13]

Iraqi Airways (IA) take delivery of a 777-200/LR; the second -200/LR ordered by Air Austral but not taken up. [26Dec12]

China Airlines (CI) orders 6 777-300/ER and will lease 4 more [26Dec12]

Unidenitfied orders for 30 777s. These are possibly from China for China Eastern (MU) and China Southern (CZ) [26Dec12]

Turkish Airlines (TK) orders 15 more 777-300/ER [26Dec12]


Unidentified orders:

30 777-300/ER (GE)  Dec12 - China Eastern, China Southern ??

2 777-300/ER (GE) 13Jul12 - British Airways (BA) 

2 777-200/F (GE) 15Dec11 - FedEx (FX)

2 777-300/ER (GE) 31Oct11 - British Airways (BA)

1 777-300/ER (GE) 30Sep11 - GECAS ??

1 777-300/ER (GE) 29Jul11 -  KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL)


Boeing has sold 1442 777s and 1089 have been delivered